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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Fire and Rescue Questions

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Grade 12 Fire and Rescue
During a technical operation a variety of hazards may be encountered. The technical rescue ensemble should include all of the following except:
  1. protective gloves and boots.
  2. one or two piece protective garment.
  3. a protective helmet, eye protection, ear protection.
  4. an air purifying respirator.
Grade 12 Fire and Rescue
Successful rescue teams have to make a conscious effort to break from traditional thinking by emphasizing Big Three factors in increased survivability. They are?
  1. Special awareness, Operations, and Technical training.
  2. technical accountability, incident management, and hazard profiling.
  3. technical assets, motivation, and customer service.
  4. special people, special equipment, and special training.
Grade 12 Fire and Rescue
Which is the first and highest incident priority during a rescue situation?
  1. property/environmnent conservation.
  2. incident stabilization.
  3. life safety.
  4. scene security.
Grade 12 Fire and Rescue
The rescuer needs to determine the total number of patients at the scene so that the rescuer may:
  1. verify the call.
  2. obtain additional help.
  3. solicit bystander information.
  4. determine the mechanism of injury.
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