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Lob's Girl - Short Stories (Fiction) - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Sixth Grade (Grade 6)

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Grade 6 Lob's Girl
In the beginning of the story, where does the setting take place?
  1. In Liverpool
  2. in Sandy's house
  3. in the hospital
  4. at the beach
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Which of the following would describe Lob's character traits?
  1. loyal and lazy
  2. lazy and clumsy
  3. wet and mean
  4. loyal and persistent
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Who is the author of Lob's Girl?
  1. Jean Pengelly
  2. Joan Aiken
  3. Sandy Pengelly
  4. Lob
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Mr. Dodsworth gave Lob to the Pengellys because he...
  1. was too old to take care of a dog.
  2. knew Lob would be happy only with Sandy.
  3. realized he did not like Lob.
  4. he was too expensive to care for.
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Why did Lob jump through the Pengelly's window?
  1. He smelled Mrs. Pengelly's puddings.
  2. He was looking for Sandy.
  3. He was chasing a stick Sandy threw.
  4. He was trying to find Mr. Dodsworth.
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Just after the accident, Sandy's brother discovered that Lob was...
  1. looking for Sandy at the beach.
  2. waiting for Sandy at home.
  3. killed by the truck.
  4. taken to the hospital.
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Who first found Sandy after she was hit by the truck?
  1. Lob
  2. Her brother Don
  3. Aunt Becky
  4. Dr. Travers and his wife
Grade 6 Lob's Girl
Sandy went to the train station to...
  1. see Lob once more before he left.
  2. say goodbye to Mr. Dodsworth.
  3. ask Mr. Dodsworth to give up Lob.
  4. invite Lob and Mr. Dodsworth to visit soon.
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