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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Problem Solving Strategies Questions

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Grade 8 :: Problem Solving Strategies by dcoor
Which of the following are necessary steps to solving an open-ended math question?
  1. figure out what question you are being asked
  2. Determine the facts needed to solve the problem
  3. pick a strategy to solve the problem
  4. add up all the numbers to solve the problem.
Grade 8 :: Problem Solving Strategies by pauladees
Palace, Sabrina, and Leon want to buy a pizza that costs $9.95. Palace has $4.25, Sabrina has $2.00, and Leon has $3.75. Do they have enough money to buy the pizza?
Which best describes what the question is asking?
  1. Who has the most money?
  2. Does their money total more or less that $9.95?
  3. How much does their money plus the cost of the pizza equal?
  4. What is the average contribution each person is making?
Grade 8 :: Problem Solving Strategies by dcoor
Grade 8 :: Problem Solving Strategies by Kari_Roberts
The steps of the four-step problem-solving plan, in order, are                                  .
  1. examine, plan, solve, and explore
  2. explore, plan, solve, and examine
  3. examine, explore, plan, and solve
  4. plan, examine, explore, and solve
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