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None Public Safety Questions

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None Public Health
Communicable disease refers to a disease that is:
  1. passive
  2. dormant
  3. spread from one person to another
  4. not spread from one person to another
None Emergency Medical Services
None Public Health
The common cold, hepatitis and measles are examples of:
  1. communicable diseases
  2. harmless disease
  3. nonpathogenic disease
  4. beneficial diseases
None Emergency Medical Services
The following conditions are life-threatening EXCEPT
  1. shock
  2. sprained ankle
  3. cardiovascular failure
  4. not breathing
None Emergency Medical Services
If someone breathes in harmful fumes and becomes dizzy or gets a headache, this is an example of
  1. inhalation poisoning
  2. poison ivy
  3. contact poisoning
  4. oral poisoning
None Emergency Medical Services
None Emergency Medical Services
Which airway manoeuvre would you perform in an unconscious patient with spinal injuries?
  1. Jaw thrust
  2. Head tilt chin lift
  3. Modified jaw thrust
  4. Heimlich manoeuvre
None Emergency Medical Services
CPR is to be used when a person
  1. is conscious and choking.
  2. is not breathing but has a pulse.
  3. has no pulse.
  4. is breathing but unconscious.
None Emergency Medical Services
Which type of burn is the most serious and always requires medical attention?
  1. Sunburn
  2. Third Degree Burn
  3. Second Degree Burn
  4. First Degree Burn
None Emergency Medical Services
A level ECHO has to be dispatched when?
  1. As soon as possible
  2. 1 hr
  3. 4 hrs
  4. No time limit
None Public Health
Which of the following are examples of home health care providers?
  1. Dietician
  2. Certified Nursing Assistant
  3. Nurse
  4. All of the above
None Emergency Medical Services
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