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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Triangles Questions

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Grade 8 :: Triangles by LBeth
For the right triangle below: [math]BC^2 = AB^2 + AC^2 [/math]

Which equation is equivalent to the above equation?

Right Triangle ABC v1
  1. [math]BC = AB + AC [/math]
  2. [math]AB^2 = BC^2 - AC^2[/math]
  3. [math]AC^2 = BC^2 + AB^2 [/math]
  4. [math]AB^2 = BC^2 + AC^2 [/math]
Grade 8 :: Triangles by LBeth
Write the letter "D" at the point where the altitude meets line AC.

Given: Triangle ABC is a right triangle; [math]angB[/math] is a right angle; line BD is perpendicular to AC

Which reason explains the following:

[math](AC)/(BC) = (BC)/(DC); (AC)/(AB)=(AB)/(AD)[/math]

Acute Triangle Height v3
  1. though a point outside a line, there is exactly one line perpendicular to the given line
  2. given the altitude of a right triangle, the legs are the geometric mean of the hypotenuse and the segment of the hypotenuse that is adjacent to the leg
  3. when the hypotenuse and a leg of a right triangle are congruent to corresponding parts of another right triangle, the triangles are congruent
  4. the sum of the side lengths of any two sides of a triangle are greater then the length of the third side
Grade 8 :: Triangles by ksilvers12
The measures of the angles in a right triangle are x, 2x and [math]90deg[/math]. What is x?
  1. [math]15deg[/math]
  2. [math]30deg[/math]
  3. [math]45deg[/math]
  4. [math]60deg[/math]
Grade 8 :: Triangles by ksilvers12
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