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Author: szeiger
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Created: Jul 9, 2018
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#3 Piglet Max

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There once was a family of piglets. These piglets were so happy living with each other! There was a Mama Piglet and Papa Piglet with their two kids, Maddie Piglet and Max Piglet. The piglet family had a normal life, they went to school or work, they came home, had dinner, spent some family time, and then went to bed.

Piglet Maddie especially loved her life, but most of all she loved her little brother, Max. They would hang out all the time! From dance parties to playdates, Maddie and Max were two pigs in a blanket. Maddie slowly started to notice something different about Max. Piglet Maddie could do all this cool stuff like talk to her friends and go to a normal school, and Piglet Max couldn’t. Even piglets younger than Max could do things that Max couldn’t. Piglet Maddie loved her brother so much and didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so she asked Mama and Papa Piglet if something was wrong with Max. That was the day that Piglet Maddie learned that Piglet Max had autism.

Piglet Maddie didn’t really understand what that meant, but she knew it wasn’t good news. Autism effected the way that Piglet Max could think. The wires in his brain didn’t all connect right, meaning that he couldn’t talk or play like a typical piglet. Piglet Maddie knew though that Piglet Max could still love the way that her other friends could, and Piglet Maddie decided to turn Max’s disabilities into abilities. They still played together like normal brother and sister piglets. Piglet Maddie learned that the things that make piglets different also make them special.

When Piglet Maddie went to school, she noticed some of the other kids were like Piglet Max, but not all of her friends were accepting like her. Piglet Maddie’s friends and classmates would tease the kids in their classes who were like Piglet Max. Piglet Maddie learned from Piglet Max that just because a piglet is different doesn’t mean that they’re not a special piglet.

One day at lunch, Piglet Maddie decided to sit with some of the piglets who were being bullied. She also decided to play with them at recess. That entire day Piglet Maddie had so much fun! She loved the way that each piglet was unique and saw their quirks as abilities.

Piglet Maddie wants every little girl and boy to be accepting of the people around them, no matter how different they are. No matter their differences, everyone has feelings, and you can learn something new from every little kid, or piglet. Piglet Maddie wants to share the advice to kids who have siblings with autism that it will be okay. They are still great people and they love you so much. One of the best things Piglet Maddie did was share the happy moments with Piglet Max, and you can do that, too.