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Celebrating Mother’s Day

After Christmas and Halloween, Mother’s Day is perhaps the most popular holiday on the calendar.  It is observed in different forms and on different days throughout the world.  In the United States, Canada, Australia, much of western Europe, Japan, China, […]

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Among Americans, the most misunderstood fact of Cinco de Mayo is that the holiday is NOT Mexico’s independence day, nor does it have anything to do with the country’s founding.  In reality, Cinco de Mayo (“Fifth of May” in Spanish) […]

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A Different Way to Mark the Coming of Spring

Most people are familiar with the two major spring festivals in the west: Easter and Passover, but there are several other lesser-known spring celebrations, which come from pagan tradition.  We will take a look at some of the pagan festivals, […]

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10 Engaging Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is April 22. Since 1970, Earth Day has been raising public awareness of environmental issues. Learn more about the day, fun activities for kids, and resources available! Since 1970, Earth Day has been raising public awareness of environmental […]

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7 Things to Remember When Working with Kids with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about autism within the community. Learn more about working with kids with autism. As autism rates have risen over the years, so has awareness. However, as parents of children […]

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How to Teach Kids about Passover

In Judaism, Passover ranks just below Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in importance. Learn more about this religious holiday as well as access resources perfect for the classroom. What is Passover?  Passover commemorates the miraculous deliverance of the Hebrew people […]

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Five Significant Women You Have Never Heard About

March is Women’s History Month. Like other special months such as Black History Month and Hispanic American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month places an emphasis on the contributions to the history of our world by a particular group of people. […]

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Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources

Flowers, candy, and cards decorated with hearts are used by many to express love to that special someone.  The day offers many fun and creative ways to teach about friendships, poetry and prose, marriage, and relationships. History of Valentine’s Day […]

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Resources for Teaching Chinese New Year

Each year, Chinese New Year takes place. It’s a tradition that spans over 4,000 years! Read more to learn about its history, practice, and why it doesn’t fall on the day you’d think! An annual tradition celebrated for more than […]

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Black History Month in the Classroom

When commemorating and celebrating Black History Month, it is critical to involve your students in activities that get them thinking critically about all the facets of the African American experience.  Lessons should incorporate history, politics, human experience, art, and  literature. […]

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Teaching Inclusivity Through Australia Day

In the American mind, little is known about the “land down under” when compared to their knowledge of other parts of the world. So here’s where you learn about Australia, Australia Day, and why it’s controversial for some. Australian History Most […]

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How to Teach Religions on World Religion Day

Did you know the third January of each year is World Religion Day? It’s a perfect time to foster tolerance and diversity. We offer tips and advice on navigating religious studies in the classroom. Religion is important to many It’s […]

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How to Teach Kids About the Holocaust

On January 27, 2021, the world observes Holocaust Remembrance Day to remember the millions of Jewish people and other minorities who were systematically persecuted and murdered by Nazi Germany. Learn how to teach this dark (but important to know) period […]

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Observing Martin Luther King Day

On the third Monday of January each year (in 2021, that’s 18 January), Martin Luther King Day is observed and celebrated through service in the US. Learn more about MLK and his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement here! Who […]

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Interesting Facts & Stories from Inauguration Days Past

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at noon, President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next president of the United States.  Learn all about Inauguration Days from the past here! Biden will be sworn into office as the 46th commander-in-chief.  […]

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New Year Customs from Around the World

Every year, people around the world mark the passage of time with New Year’s celebrations.  December 31 and January 1 find many more people than usual (even kids!) staying up well past their bedtimes. Learn more about this annual celebration […]

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Christmas History & Activities for Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Or so the song goes.  There are many ways you can celebrate Christmas with your students.  Let HelpTeaching assist you with resources, worksheets, activities, and links to educational content for every taste. […]

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Ideas for Teaching Kwanzaa to Kids

Every year, people around the world celebrate a seven-day festival called Kwanzaa.  If you want to emphasize character education with your students, then this is the holiday for you! What is Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa is the African American and pan-African festival […]

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How to learn about and celebrate Hanukkah

Whether you’re Jewish or want to teach your students more about this popular observance, we unpack the holiday and list activities and worksheets that you can use today! Although it doesn’t rank among the most important of the Jewish holidays, […]

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