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Author: szeiger
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Created: Jul 9, 2018
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#8 Shy Sarah

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Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Sarah listened and tapped along to the last few ticks of time left in her sixth grade English class. Before the bell signaling the end of the period could finish ringing, Sarah was out the back door of the classroom and sighing in relief.

This week everyone in Sarah’s class would have to share a poem that they’d had complete creative liberty with. The assignment was meant to be fun and expressive, but Sarah was a very anxious character. She managed to get through the first round of presentations by making frequent conveniently timed trips to the bathroom and by ducking her head when Mrs. Larson was scouting for her next victim.

That afternoon, with permission, Sarah’s best friend Maria came over to her house.

“Hey! You should read me your poem for English! I really want to hear it,” Maria exclaimed.

“Oh no you don’t, it doesn’t make any sense,” Sarah reasoned.

“Well who cares! It’s just supposed for fun anyway. Do you like it?”

Sarah tightened her lips into an “Mmm, I guess?”

In reality, Sarah was very proud of her work. However, that didn’t change her overall timidness and nervousness.

“Maybe if you practice here with me it will make doing it in class easier?” Maria proposed.

Sarah trusted Maria and figured she had nothing to lose from trying, so with some uncertainty she stood and read her poem aloud from memory.

“WOW!” Maria said in awe.

“You see what I mean, it doesn’t really make sense, I do-” Maria didn’t let Sarah finish.

“No! It does, it’s poetic and interesting and you said it right from memory like every line meant something to you. I love it.”

Sarah bubbled with excitement, “You really think so?”

“Absolutely! Can I tell you one thing though Sarah?”

Sarah’s spirits fell, she figured Maria was going to suggest some changes to her poem as a means of trying to politely make it better. Sarah wasn’t opposed to being helped, she just felt that this confirmed the fact that her poem didn’t make sense and wasn’t really any good.

Her irrational worries were put to rest when Maria said, “You should be more confident in your work, speak louder! Believe in yourself.”

?The only way Sarah could manage to respond while still containing her elation was by giving Maria a wide-smile and a “thank you.”

Sarah walked in the front door of her English class the next day and took her seat. As the bell for the start of class rang and everyone settled, Sarah’s eyes fell to the Name-Game wall in the classroom. At the beginning of the year the class wrote their names and an accompanying adjective of their choice on a paper and hung it on the board. “Shy Sarah” written in a thin and light font hung in the bottom left corner of the wall.

Mrs. Larson pulled Sarah out of thought and addressed the class, “Alright, who would like to present their poem first today?”

Sarah pulled a blank piece of paper and a bold black marker out of her bag. She raised and waved her left hand as she scribbled something quickly with her right hand.

“Um, Sarah yes please, come on up.” Mrs. Larson seemed a little confused by Sarah’s forwardness.

Sarah skipped up to the front of class and found herself facing several pairs of her peers eyes, this reminded her of the nervousness she felt before. Her head began to fall but, before she could be completely discouraged, she caught sight of what she’d just written down. The words “Self-assured Sarah” bolded on the paper shot her head back up as she took in a breath. Her hands then fell to her side as she recited her poem, with confidence this time.

I want you to know How good it feels
When you’re standing next to the tree
And you don’t feel small.
And when you’re standing next to the bee
You don’t feel tall.
And you don’t get scared,
When you look down
And a bug’s crawling up to your leg From your shoe.
But when you realize there’s more than one
Well, yea you kinda do
?It’s hard.
Do you?

A round of loud claps followed Sarah's presentation! Mrs. Larson even stood as she applauded, and Maria followed her lead showing Sarah how proud she was of her. Sarah took a bow and smiled appreciating the moment. She took the long way back to her seat, stopping by the Name-Game board to replace “Shy Sarah” with the more fitting and empowering “Self-assured Sarah.”