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Greek Roots

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Grade 4 Root Words
The Greek root "meter" means to measure. What does thermometer mean?
  1. an instrument to measure how much rain has fallen
  2. an instrument to measure length
  3. an instrument to measure temperature
  4. an instrument to measure emotions
Grade 4 Root Words
The Greek root "scop" means to look at, examine, view, or observe. What does kaleidoscope mean?
  1. an instrument used to view birds
  2. an instrument used to look in one end and view shapes that the light that enters at the other end casts, reflecting off mirrors and beads that are held in the tube
  3. an instrument used to view small, unusual insects
  4. an instrument used to view, observe, and examine the horizon
Grade 4 Root Words
The Greek root "auto" means write or written. What does AUTOGRAPH mean?
  1. to write a letter to a friend
  2. a person's signature
  3. writing on a wall
  4. writing in your journal
Grade 4 Prefixes and Suffixes
The Greek root "oct" means eight. What does octagon mean?
  1. An animal with eight arms
  2. Eight turns at bat in a game
  3. A shape with eight sides
  4. What you call your eighth birthday
Grade 4 Root Words
The Greek root "calli" means beautiful. What does calligraphy mean?
  1. to see a beautiful flower
  2. to put on makeup
  3. to write in a beautiful and fancy way
  4. to win a beauty pageant