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Created: Dec 11, 2011
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Harrison Bergeron

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The following questions are in reference to the short story "Harrison Bergeron"
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
In this story, people of above-average intelligence are required to
  1. wear weights on their arms.
  2. report to the government every two weeks.
  3. wear mental-handicap transmitters.
  4. watch the ballet every morning.
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
In this story, Harrison Bergeron represents the spirit of...
  1. conformity
  2. family values
  3. dependence
  4. rebellion
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
A look of consternation communicates a feeling of
  1. deep sympathy.
  2. anger.
  3. confused fear.
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
One can infer that Harrison is bright and attractive because...
  1. he wears many handicaps and must disguise his looks.
  2. the government is going to give him an award.
  3. he is taller than most people.
  4. he dances on TV.
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
When Hazel and George discuss the handicaps, they both seem to
  1. feel that they are being treated unfairly.
  2. agree that handicaps are fair.
  3. with they could escape from the government.
  4. with they were required to wear more handicaps.
Grade 10 A Sound of Thunder
Regarding the use of handicaps, one can conclude that
  1. duller and weaker people wear more handicaps.
  2. brighter and stronger people wear more handicaps.
  3. only members of the middle class are required to wear them.
  4. they are a sensible way to make everyone equal.