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Supporting Details - Grade 6

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Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Our school needs more active student participation. If we want to keep enjoying great programs and activities, more students need to get involved. Last year, the student government sponsored one school-wide event each month. More than 50 percent of the students in our school attended at least four of these events. In addition, programs like the peer tutoring program and the summer intern bulletin board are organized by student government committees and supported by student government fundraisers. At least 40 percent of the school's students take advantage of one of these programs as well. Yet only 10 percent of the school's students are active in student government or serve on committees. Effective student government requires the involvement of as many students as possible. We can't keep these programs going without your help. So, if you aren't already involved in student government, think about joining.
Grade 6 Supporting Details
For which of the following statements does the writer provide the least support?
  1. Student government is important
  2. More students should participate in student government.
  3. Not many students participate in student government.
  4. Student government programs can't be run without more help.
Grade 6 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.6.2
Which of the following statements is best supported by the information in the passage?
  1. The student government is the most important group at school.
  2. Many students benefit from the programs organized by student government.
  3. All students should participate in student government.
  4. Students who do not participate in student government do not care.