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Created: Nov 5, 2015
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A Christmas Carol - Stave Three

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Read Stave Three of "A Christmas Carol" and answer the questions.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
Irony is when you expect one thing to happen and something else happens. What was ironic about Scrooge's anticipation of the second ghost?
  1. He prepared so the ghost wouldn't surprise him, but it didn't arrive on time.
  2. He thought the ghost would be a different ghost, but it was the same as the first ghost.
  3. Marley returned at One to tell Scrooge that he had passed the test and no more ghosts would come.
  4. No bells tolled or light shone before the arrival of the second ghost.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
Which choice best described the Ghost of Christmas Present?
  1. a loud, crazy ghost
  2. a mean, wrinkly woman
  3. a small, frail child
  4. a large, happy man
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
Scrooge told the spirit about his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past. What effect did Scrooge say the visit had on him?
  1. He learned not to trust ghosts.
  2. He learned a lesson.
  3. He refused to be duped again.
  4. He refused to fly.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
How did Scrooge get from place to place with the Ghost of Christmas Present?
  1. He touched his robe.
  2. They flew in the sky.
  3. He blew a whistle.
  4. They walked everywhere.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
What part of Christmas does this stave focus on the most?
  1. the decorations
  2. the food
  3. the snow
  4. the presents
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
After watching the Cratchit family, Scrooge wanted to know if:
  1. Bob Cratchit would show up for work the next day.
  2. Tiny Tim would live.
  3. the family would have enough food to eat.
  4. they could see him standing there.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
The Ghost of Christmas Present says, "If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future..." What does this suggest?
  1. The future is set in stone.
  2. Only the Ghost of Christmas Future knows what will happen.
  3. Scrooge has the ability to change the future.
  4. Shadows help predict what will happen in the future.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
Bob Cratchit made a toast to Scrooge. How did the mood of the party change?
  1. It became very tired.
  2. It became much happier.
  3. It became very thankful.
  4. It became less joyful.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol
What was the biggest lesson the Ghost of Christmas Present taught Scrooge?
  1. Everyone who knew Scrooge hated him.
  2. The presents are the best part of Christmas.
  3. It takes a lot of money to have a great Christmas.
  4. Even the poorest of the poor can find joy on Christmas.
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol