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Created: Apr 18, 2016
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RDG3-330 Understanding Analyzing Characters

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RDG3-330 Understanding Analyzing Characters
Grade 6 Character Study
Which sentence describes a sad character?
  1. Brandon laughed at the joke.
  2. Simon sneezed two times.
  3. Jonathan cried a lot.
Grade 6 Character Study
Which action shows that a character is athletic?
  1. eating snack all day long
  2. running a mile every day
  3. rubbing her eyes and waking up
  4. listening to her favorite music
Grade 6 Character Study
What might a character do to show a love of animals?
  1. guide an old dog across the busy street
  2. buy tickets to the flower show
  3. run in a marathon
  4. talk on the phone for an hour