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Olympic Rings

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One of the most recognized symbols of the Olympic games is the Olympic Rings. The rings were designed by French baron Pierre de Coubertin. They have been a part of the Olympics since 1916. But the rings are more than just a set of pretty circles. Pierre de Coubertin designed them intentionally.

According to Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic Rings were designed to represent the five inhabited continents of the world that competed in the Olympic games when the image was designed. Some think that each ring represents an individual continent. However, that is not true. Instead, all of the rings are connected. This shows the spirit of the Olympics. The rings represent bringing together people from around the world. The six colors that appear in the Olympic Rings logo serve a similar purpose. They represent the main colors found on the flags of all of the nations that compete in the Olympics.
Grade 3 Sports (Stories)
Grade 3 Sports (Stories)