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Author: szeiger
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Created: Jul 28, 2016
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NGSS K-PS2.2 The Race

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Today was the day. Jack and his dad had spent all summer building a race car. Today they were going to test it out.

Jack in the car and put on his helmet. He was ready to feel the wind on his face. Jack's dad stood behind the car.

"I'm ready, Dad," Jack called out.

Jack's dad walked behind the car. Then he bent down and gave it a big push. Jack had expected the car to race away, but it only moved a little bit. Jack was disappointed.

"What happened, Dad?" Jack asked.

"I'm not sure," Jack's dad replied. "Maybe the surface was too flat."

Suddenly, Jack had an idea. "Hey, Dad, let's take the car to the park," he said.

Jack and his dad carried the car to the park. When they arrived at the park, Jack's dad knew exactly why Jack had wanted to bring the car there. There was a large hill at the park.

"Let's carry the car to the top of the hill," Jack said. "I think the hill will act as a ramp. That will give my car more speed."

They placed the car at the top of the hill. Jack got in.

"Okay, I'm ready," Jack called.

Jack's dad gave him a big push. This time, the car raced down the hill.

"That was awesome!" Jack said when he reached the bottom of the hill.

"Great thinking, Jack," his dad said. "The hill was the perfect ramp to help your car gain speed."
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What did Jack and his dad build?
  1. a birdhouse
  2. a racecar
  3. a windmill
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What happened the first time Jack's dad pushed him?
  1. He went fast.
  2. He went slow.
  3. He crashed into a tree.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did Jack want to go to the park?
  1. It was a sunny day.
  2. The park had a hill.
  3. He really liked the park.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
The hill acted as a ramp. What did the ramp do?
  1. It caused Jack to feel afraid.
  2. It caused the car to flip over.
  3. It caused the car to speed up.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What is one solution you can try if you want an object to move faster?
  1. use a ramp
  2. use better tires
  3. use a stronger motor