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Created: Aug 1, 2016
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NGSS K-PS2.A The Merry-Go-Round

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All of the students were excited. There was a new piece of equipment on the playground.

"It's called a merry-go-round," said Mrs. Jenkins, their teacher.

"What is a merry-go-round?" asked Callie.

"It's a large metal circle with handles on it. It spins," said Mrs. Jenkins.

The kids in the class couldn't wait to try out the merry-go-round.

At recess, all of them ran over to the merry-go-round and climbed on. They waited for the merry-go-round to move, but it didn't.

"Mrs. Jenkins, I think the merry-go-round is broken," Joey said.

Mrs. Jenkins laughed. "It's not broken. It just needs a push."

Mrs. Jenkins walked over to the merry-go-round. She gave it a big push. The merry-go-round started to spin.

"Make it go faster!" Joey called out.

Mrs. Jenkins gave the merry-go-round another big push. It went faster.

"That's too fast!" Mia called out. "Make it slow down."

Mrs. Jenkins pulled on the merry-go-round. It started to slow down. Mrs. Jenkins gave another pull and the merry-go-round stopped.

"That was fun!" said Joey. "But how come the merry-go-round only moved in one direction?"

"The merry-go-round moved in the direction I pushed it in," Mrs. Jenkins said.

Mrs. Jenkins gave the merry-go-round a push in the other direction. The merry-go-round went in the direction Mrs. Jenkins pushed.

"See?" Mrs. Jenkins said.

"Yep," said Joey. "Now push it again, please. I want to go really fast."

Mrs. Jenkins kept pushing the merry-go-round and it went faster and faster. Soon, Joey was dizzy, so Mrs. Jenkins pulled on the merry-go-round until it came to a stop.

"Recess is over," Mrs. Jenkins said. "I think we're all ready for a rest."
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What was the new item on the playground?
  1. a slide
  2. a swingset
  3. a merry-go-round
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What happened when the students sat on the merry-go-round?
  1. It moved fast.
  2. It moved slow.
  3. It did not move.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
How did Mrs. Jenkins make the merry-go-round move?
  1. She pushed it.
  2. She blew on it.
  3. She turned it on.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What happened when Mrs. Jenkins pushed the merry-go-round again?
  1. It stopped.
  2. It went faster.
  3. It slowed down.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
How did Mrs. Jenkins get the merry-go-round to slow down?
  1. She pushed it.
  2. She pulled on it.
  3. She turned it off.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did the merry-go-round move in a certain direction?
  1. It could only move one way.
  2. Mrs. Jenkins pushed it that way.
  3. The students told it which way to go.