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Author: szeiger
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Created: Aug 1, 2016
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NGSS K-PS3-1 The Sandy Beach

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Billy and his family went to the beach. Before they stepped onto the sand, Billy took his shoes off.

"You might want to keep your shoes on," Billy's mother said.

"But I don't want to get sand in my shoes," Billy said.

"The sand will be really hot," Billy's mother said.

Billy looked at the sand. It didn't look hot. He decided to keep his shoes off.

When Billy stepped onto the sand, he yelled "OUCH!"

"I told you the sand would be hot," Billy's mother said.

"But it didn't look hot," Billy said. "Why is the sand so hot?"

"The sun makes the sand hot," Billy's mother said.

Billy didn't know how the sun made the sand hot, but the sand was making his feet burn, so he didn't wait for his mother to tell him. Instead, Billy raced down the beach and stuck his feet in the water.

Once his feet were cool, Billy asked his mother how the sun made the sand hot.

"The sun produces a lot of energy. That energy comes in light and heat," Billy's mother said. "The sand absorbs a lot of that heat. That makes it hot."

After Billy's mother explained why the sand was hot, Billy started to build a sand castle. He dug a hole in the sand. While digging a hole, Billy noticed that the deeper he dug, the cooler the sand got.

"Why isn't this sand hot too?" Billy asked his mother.

"Because the sunlight isn't hitting that sand directly," Billy's mother said. The sand on top absorbs all the heat and keeps that sand cool.

Billy continued building his sand castle. After that, he played in the water. Finally, his mother said it was time to go home.

"Gather your things and let's go," said Billy's mother.

"Hold on," said Billy. "I want to put on my shoes. The sun has made the sand really hot today."

Billy put on his shoes, and then started walking across the sand. This time, it didn't burn his feet.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did Billy take off his shoes?
  1. He wanted his feet to be hot.
  2. He didn't want to get sand in them.
  3. He wanted to put his feet in the water.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
How did the sand feel to Billy?
  1. It was hot.
  2. It was cold.
  3. It was scratchy.
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What made the sand hot?
  1. The sun
  2. The weather
  3. The temperature
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
Kindergarten Short Stories (Fiction)
What did the sand do to the heat from the sun?
  1. It absorbed it.
  2. It pushed it away.
  3. It helped cool it down.