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NGSS K-ESS3.C The Trash Patrol

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Earth Day - Recycling Bins "Hey, pick up that candy bar wrapper. Put it in the trash!" Zoe yelled at a boy. He'd just dropped his candy bar wrapper on the grass.

"Hey, that bottle goes in the blue recycling bin. It doesn't go in the trash can," James called out. He was talking to a kid getting ready to throw his plastic water bottle in the trash.

Zoe and James were part of the Trash Patrol. The Trash Patrol was a group of kids who patrolled the city park. They made sure people threw away their trash properly.

"All litter on the ground. All recyclables in the bins. All people working together to improve the environment." That was the motto of the Trash Patrol. Zoe and James worked hard to make sure the motto stuck.

Some people thought Zoe and James were annoying, but they didn't care. They felt like it was their job to help make the environment a better place. Every day after school, they put on their trash patrol vests. Then they headed to the park. Every day they picked up litter. They encouraged people to recycle. They also shared tips to help people become more aware of how their actions impacted the environment.

"Hold on to your balloon. Did you know that birds can choke on the pieces of a broken balloon?" Zoe told little kids.

"Remember to cut up the plastic rings from your six-pack of soda bottles. You don't want ducks, fish, and other wildlife to get caught in them," James reminded picnic-goers.

Because of the hard work of the Trash Patrol, little by little, the city park became a better place.
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
What group did Zoe and James belong to?
  1. The Paw Patrol
  2. The Trash Patrol
  3. The Police Patrol
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
What were Zoe and James trying to do?
  1. make people angry
  2. make money by recycling
  3. make the environment better
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
Why did Zoe tell little kids to hold on to their balloons?
  1. She didn't want them to be sad.
  2. She didn't want the wind to blow them away.
  3. She didn't want birds to choke on pieces of balloon.
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
Why did James tell people to cut up their plastic soda rings?
  1. Animals could get stuck in them.
  2. They could be used to make a craft.
  3. People could wear them as bracelets.
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
What is something you could do that James and Zoe would say was okay?
  1. Refill a plastic water bottle
  2. Throw a plastic water bottle on the ground
  3. Cut up a plastic water bottle and throw it away
Kindergarten Nature and Science (Stories)
What is something you could do that Zoe and James would NOT think is okay?
  1. Put a piece of paper in the recycling bin
  2. Leave an empty soda can on the ground.
  3. Open a lot of plastic bottles and throw them away.