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Created: Oct 12, 2016
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Recognize the tendency of elements to form cations or anions based upon the octet rule and assign them an oxidation number.
Grade 10 Periodic Table and Elements
Which of the following is NOT a property of alkali metals?
  1. Alkali metals are extremely reactive with water.
  2. Alkali metals are lustrous.
  3. Alkali metals form ions with a charge of +2.
  4. Alkali metals have a low ionization energy.
Grade 11 Periodic Table and Elements
Which of the following form cations?
  1. Metals
  2. Transition Metals
  3. Non-Metals
  4. A and B
Grade 10 Periodic Table and Elements
A nitrogen atom can achieve an octet by                        .
  1. gaining four electrons
  2. gaining three electrons
  3. losing one electron
  4. losing three electrons
Grade 10 Periodic Table and Elements