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Polyatomic Ions

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Formulas with polyatomic ions.
Grade 9 Atomic Structure
The charge on an ion is the same as the                  of that ion.
  1. binary compound
  2. oxidation number
  3. polyatomic ion
  4. hydrate
Grade 11 Molecules and Compounds
What are chemical compounds consisting of only two elements called?
  1. Molecular Compounds
  2. Binary Compounds
  3. Chemical Nomenclature
  4. Polyatomic Ions
Grade 10 Molecules and Compounds
Which of the following compound does not contain a polyatomic ion?
  1. sodium carbonate
  2. sodium sulfate
  3. sodium sulfite
  4. sodium sulfide
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
[math]NO_2^-[/math] is named
  1. nitrite.
  2. nitrate.
  3. cyanide.
  4. ammonium.
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
[math]NH_4^+[/math] is named
  1. cyanide.
  2. hydroxide.
  3. hydronium.
  4. ammonium.
Grade 10 Chemistry