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Author: meetmeet
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Created: Dec 9, 2016
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Night sections 1-3

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Night sections 1-3
Grade 10 Night
Elie Wiesel spent his childhood in:
  1. Sighet
  2. Madrid
  3. London
  4. Brooklyn
Grade 10 Night
Elie was separated from whom at the beginning his journey?
  1. His brothers
  2. His mother
  3. His sister and mother
  4. His God
Grade 9 Night
Madame Schachter's hallucinations foreshadow...
  1. The crematories
  2. Elie's eventual release
  3. The enslavement of the Jewish people
Grade 9 Night
Moshe the Beadle escaped certain death by:
  1. hiding in a ditch near Galicia
  2. pretending to be dead
  3. hiding out behind a brick building
  4. telling a lie to the Gestapo
Grade 10 Night
Which party took over in 1944?
  1. Socialists
  2. Facists
  3. Democrats
  4. Soviets