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8th SS Mid Term Exam mc progressive era

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Circle the letter of the answer that best completes the sentence or answers the question.
Grade 5 Progressive Era
The name given to Theodore Roosevelt's progressive policies.
  1. Square Deal
  2. Fair Deal
  3. New Deal
  4. Let's Make a Deal
Grade 11 Progressive Era
In 1906, the publication of "The Jungle", written by Upton Sinclair, led Congress to
  1. enact stronger Prohibition laws
  2. support the national conservation movement
  3. establish a system for meat inspection
Grade 9 Progressive Era
Grade 9 Progressive Era
In the early twentieth century, muckrakers were able to influence American society mainly through their
  1. frequent acts of civil disobedience.
  2. activities as government officials.
  3. publishing of articles and books.
  4. control over factories.
Grade 11 Progressive Era
In the Progressive Era what is meant by "suffrage"?
  1. The right for women to vote.
  2. For men to vote in more than one precinct.
  3. For foreign nationals to vote.
Grade 9 Progressive Era
The Progressive Movement was concern mostly with
  1. helping the nation adjust to the changes in society brought by industrialization and urbanization
  2. expanding the civil rights of minorities
  3. healing the split caused by the Civil war
  4. controlling the ups and downs of the economy
Grade 5 Progressive Era
The goal of the Progressive Movement was to
  1. provide people with jobs
  2. lower the national debt
  3. get the average American out of debt
  4. create a better America and eliminate corruption in the business world
Grade 7 Progressive Era
How did the Progressive Movement positively impact society?
  1. Increased working hours
  2. Improved safety conditions
  3. Allowed more child labor
  4. Progressively moved society forward
Grade 8 Progressive Era
When the Republicans decided to re-nominate Taft, Roosevelt's supporters formed which party?
  1. Progressive, or "Bull Moose" Party
  2. Proactive, or "Bull Moose" Party
  3. Progenitor, or "Bull Moose" Party
  4. Protectorate, or "Bull Moose" Party
Grade 11 Progressive Era
Which long-awaited goal of the women's rights movement was achieved during the Progressive Era?
  1. right to vote
  2. equal pay for equal work
  3. equal access to employment and education
Grade 5 Industrialization
Which form of mass production was used by Henry Ford to produce automobiles in large quantities?
  1. Assembly Line
  2. Morse Code
  3. Bessemer Process
  4. Interchangeable Parts
Grade 11 Industrialization
Political machines maintained their power in American cities primarily by ?
  1. Using their wealth to influence the president
  2. offering jobs and other financial benefits to the poor in exchange for votes.
  3. Taking advantage of immigrants
  4. holding frequent town hall meetings to address the concerns of the people.
Grade 8 Industrialization
Grade 8 Industrialization
The late 1800's Oil Rush was mainly in                                  .
  1. California, Nevada, Utah
  2. Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia
  3. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi
  4. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut
Grade 8 Industrialization
An early slogan of labor reformers was
  1. Work hard, work long, and our reward will be more of the good life.
  2. Eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, and eight hours for God and the brethren.
  3. All for the factory, all for the boss, all for the success of American business.
  4. Right and proper, right and good, our betters know what is best for us.
Grade 8 Industrialization
Grade 9 Industrialization
Which of the Following is NOT an example of capitalism?
  1. free market and supply and demand
  2. competition
  3. government control of production and property
  4. unequal distribution of wealth
  5. the poor can become rich through hard work