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7th SS Mid Term Exam resources/trade/tech

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Grade 10 Environmental Science
Non-renewable resources are resources that
  1. do not come back when they are gone.
  2. are easily replaced.
  3. come back year after year.
  4. all of the above
Grade 5 Environmental Science
A material found in nature that is useful to humans is a
  1. natural resource.
  2. energy resource.
  3. renewable resource.
  4. mineral.
Grade 11 Environmental Science
What is a resource that can be replaced relatively quickly by natural processes?
  1. nonrenewable resources
  2. depleted resources
  3. material resources
  4. renewable resources
Grade 6 Economics
A command economic system is best explained as which of the following?
  1. Government owns most or all of the market and controls the economy
  2. Government has no control over the economy
  3. The economy is driven by competition
  4. The wealthy minority controls the market
Grade 7 Economics
This economic system is based on customs and habits.
  1. Mixed
  2. Traditional
  3. Market
  4. Command
Grade 7 Social Studies
Countries that are working toward industrialization are called...
  1. emerging countries
  2. foreign countries
  3. developed countries
  4. developing countries
Grade 7 Social Studies
Railroads revolutionized transportation because...
  1. people could travel coast to coast much faster
  2. it was more comfortable than horseback or stagecoaches
  3. people could now talk to friends and family in person even if they lived far away
  4. railway tickets were inexpensive
Grade 7 Social Studies
Grade 7 Social Studies
The two main trade barriers are...
  1. tariffs and culture
  2. thieves and pirates
  3. border patrols and quotas
  4. tariffs and quotas
Grade 6 Geography
Grade 6 Culture
How does modern technology make studying other cultures important?
  1. It enables people to store and analyze information quickly
  2. it brings people of different cultures in frequent contact
  3. it helps people know where to migrate
  4. it enables us to learn about different traditions
Grade 7 Culture
A particular group's individual skills, customs, and ways of doing things are called
  1. Socialism
  2. Representative Democracy
  3. Technology
  4. Cultural Landscape
  5. Cultural Traits
Grade 9 Geography
Which of the following is NOT an effect of migration?
  1. population redistribution
  2. cultural blending
  3. shared technology
  4. climate change
Grade 10 Culture
Why is language one of the most important aspects of culture?
  1. Unlike other aspects of culture, laanguage does not change.
  2. When groups migrate, a shared language helps prevent conflict.
  3. Language allows people to communicate and provides a sense of identity.
  4. Languages can be classified into language families.