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7th SS Mid Term Exam NHD/random

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Grade 7 Social Studies
Primary sources are
  1. written accounts by a first hand witness
  2. objects that have survived from the past
  3. accounts created by people some time after the event
  4. both a and b
Grade 6 Social Studies
What is information based on an interpretation of events seen by someone else?
  1. primary source
  2. visual source
  3. secondary source
  4. business source
Grade 7 Social Studies
A handwritten letter from a soldier to his family is a
  1. Primary Source
  2. Secondary Source
  3. Neither
  4. Both
Grade 7 Social Studies
Grade 8 Pre-Colonial Period
Which is a primary source for evidence that Columbus sailed to find a new route to the Indies in 1492?
  1. a television show about the explorations of Columbus
  2. a letter from the current ambassador from Spain desribing the voyage
  3. a painting showing Columbus landing in the New World
  4. a diary entry written by a crew member aboard Columbus' ship
Grade 9 Social Studies
An example of a primary source is a
  1. newspaper
  2. biography
  3. textbook
  4. diary
Grade 9 Geography
Grade 6 Asian Geography
Grade 6 Asian Geography
Grade 9 European Geography
What are steppes?
  1. wooden stairs
  2. dry grasslands
  3. wet grasslands
  4. ancient climbing methods
Grade 7 Geography
Grade 7 Australian Geography
The two major climate zones of Australia are
  1. Steppe and desert
  2. humid subtropical and desert
  3. Tropical savanna and Mediterranean
  4. Tundra and steppe
Grade 6 African Geography
The four major geographical regions found in Africa are:
  1. desert, savanna, semiarid & tropical rainforest
  2. grasses, mountains, valleys & hills
  3. hot, cold,wet & dry
  4. rivers, lakes, marsh & deltas
Grade 9 African Geography
Africa's Savanna is home to many of the world's most diverse animals. An accurate description of Africa's beautiful Savanna would be a ...
  1. rocky mountain with cliffs
  2. tropical grassland with scattered trees
  3. mediterranean temperature with many shrubs
  4. desert with sand dunes
Grade 7 Social Studies
Most of the earth's freshwater is found in...
  1. rivers and lakes
  2. seas and oceans
  3. glaciers and ice caps
  4. groundwater
Grade 7 Social Studies
Water that is somewhat salty and somewhat fresh is called...
  1. semi freshwater
  2. lake water
  3. groundwater
  4. brackish
Grade 7 Social Studies
A highland climate varies because...
  1. the mountain it occupies is always changing shape
  2. it has so many different animal species
  3. the mountain it occupies has several different climate characteristics because of its elevation
  4. the water cycle is constantly affecting it