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Author: szeiger
No. Questions: 5
Created: Apr 4, 2017
Last Modified: 2 years ago

Crunch! Crunch! A CR Words Story

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Eric was craving potato chips. Crunch! He put a crispy chip in his mouth. The bag crackled as he reached in for another one. Crunch!

Eric's sister crept into the kitchen. "Those are my potato chips!" she cried. It was as if Eric had committed a crime.

"Are you crazy?" Eric said. "These chips are for everyone. There are enough to feed a crowd."

"Don't you see my name?" she asked. Eric looked. Her name was written in crayon on the bag.

Eric's sister took the chips and ate some. Crunch! When she was finished, she gave the bag to Eric. "You can have what's left."

Eric looked in the bag. All that was left was crumbs. That was crummy!

Eric ate some crackers instead.
Grade 2 Blends
Grade 2 Blends
What did Eric's sister leave him?
  1. cream
  2. crisps
  3. crumbs
  4. crayons
Grade 2 Blends
There were enough chips to feed a
  1. crowd.
  2. cradle.
  3. cricket.
  4. criminal.
Grade 2 Blends
What did Eric eat instead?
  1. crisps
  2. crickets
  3. crackers
  4. cranberries