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Created: May 13, 2017
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6th SS Final Exam-Greece MC

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College Greece
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 6 Greece
Who was able to vote while Athens was a democracy?
  1. Only women were allowed to vote in Athens.
  2. Every person was allowed to vote in Athens.
  3. Only citizens, or men having both a mother and father from Athens, could vote.
  4. All men could vote in Athens.
Grade 6 Greece
Athenians were the first people to write
  1. laws.
  2. satires.
  3. dramas.
  4. poetry.
Grade 6 Greece
What was the role of women in ancient Greece?
  1. Greek women sat on the councils that made all the decisions in Greece.
  2. Greek women worked like slaves.
  3. Greek women were protected and isolated in their homes.
  4. Greek women went to war along with the men.
Grade 6 Greece
During the Battle at Marathon,
  1. Persian forces destroyed the entire Athenian army.
  2. the Athenian navy played a key role.
  3. the Athenian army won a stunning victory with a small army.
  4. Persian generals used new cunning strategies to win.
Grade 6 Greece
What is a myth?
  1. a play told in music and dance in Ancient Greece
  2. a long poem that tells a story about an adventure
  3. a story from long ago that explains the beginning of the world
  4. a musical story performed to please the gods
Grade 6 Greece
Grade 5 Greece
What were the Greek Wars called?
  1. Peloponnesian War
  2. Greek Wars
  3. Persian War
  4. Battle of Marathon
Grade 8 Greece
Which word does not fit?
  1. Socrates
  2. Aristotle
  3. knights
  4. Plato
Grade 6 Greece
What two kinds of drama did the Athenians invent that are still used today?
  1. Tragedy and Romance
  2. Romance and Comedy
  3. Comedy and Tragedy
  4. Romance and Suspense
Grade 6 Greece
What two city-states joined forces in 480 BC when the Persian King Xerxes decided to attack?
  1. Athens and Corinth
  2. Sparta and Corinth
  3. Athens and Sparta
  4. Corinth and Sparta