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6th SS Final Exam-Greece MC 2

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Grade 9 Greece
Who is the first Western conqueror of Asia?
  1. Philip the Great
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Aristotle the Great
  4. Homer the Great
Grade 7 Greece
Who was considered the "Father of History"?
  1. Pythagoras
  2. Hippocrates
  3. Sophocles
  4. Herodotus
Grade 3 Greece
What kind of government did ancient Athens have?
  1. Representative democracy
  2. Direct democracy
  3. Monarchy
  4. Dictatorship
Grade 10 Greece
Two important city-states of Ancient Greece are?
  1. Agora and Acropolis
  2. Egypt and China
  3. Athens and Sparta
  4. Nile and Tigris
Grade 8 Greece
What was the main difference in how slaves were owned in Sparta vs. the rest of Greece?
  1. Spartan slaves were owned by the government as opposed to being owned by individuals
  2. Athenian slaves were owned by the government as opposed to individuals
  3. Spartan slaves were more mature than other slaves
  4. Athenian slaves were treated better than Spartan slaves
Grade 6 Greece
What is the Parthenon?
  1. The Acropolis
  2. The ruler of Athens
  3. A neighboring polis
  4. A temple dedicated to Athena
Grade 6 Greece
In Athens, who could participate in the government?
  1. Men who were citizens and over the age of 18
  2. Women and slaves
  3. Men
  4. Any citizen over the age of 18
Grade 6 Greece
How far east was Alexander the Great able to stretch his empire?
  1. All the way to China
  2. Through Russia
  3. The Indus River Valley in India
  4. He didn't get past Persepolis
Grade 6 Greece
How was Athenian democracy different from American democracy?
  1. people were not allowed to vote for their leaders.
  2. people could not participate in public life.
  3. people were not allowed to criticize the government
  4. Women could not participate in public life
Grade 6 Greece
How did life differ in Athens and Sparta?
  1. Athens was a center for the arts, but Spartan life centered around the army
  2. Everyone votes in Athens, but in Sparta only the men were in charge of Sparta
  3. Women held the highest positions in Athens, but men were in charge of Sparta
  4. Sports were different in Athens, but religion was the center of Sparta
Grade 6 Greece
How did Greek culture spread to other parts of the world?
  1. through warfare only
  2. written documents, the first newspapers
  3. through war, trade, and exchange of ideas
  4. by the many Greeks who moved to find food
Grade 7 Greece
Who were the Olympics held in honor of?
  1. Ceasar
  2. Zeus
  3. Jesus
  4. Hermes
Grade 3 Greece
Democracy means government:
  1. By the people
  2. By the king
  3. By no one
  4. By animals