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6th SS Final Exam-Rome

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Grade 9 Roman Empire
How did the Etruscans influence the Romans?
  1. through a powerful Military
  2. Through writing and Religion
  3. through art and architecture
  4. through trade
Grade 3 Roman Empire
What was the Great Roman Peace?
  1. a disease that killed most of the people of Rome
  2. a peace treaty between Rome and Athens
  3. the name the Romans gave the latin Language
  4. 200 years of peace in the Roman Empire
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Grade 6 Roman Empire
This part of the Roman government consisted of 330 men?
  1. Assembly of Tribes
  2. Senate
  3. Assembly of Centuries
Grade 6 Roman Empire
In the early days of the Roman Republic, the main occupation of the citizen was ?
  1. lawyers
  2. soldiers
  3. farming & herding
  4. sewing & weaving
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Roman officials feared Jesus' message because they thought it might                               .
  1. bring peace to the region
  2. threaten law and order
  3. ruin the Jewish holiday
  4. cause Romans to leave the city
Grade 6 Roman Empire
A structure that carries water over a long distance
  1. arch
  2. dictator
  3. patrician
  4. aqueduct
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Roman audiences enjoyed public entertainment in the
  1. forum
  2. temples
  3. Palatine
  4. Colosseum
Grade 6 Roman Empire
The first Roman emperor was                
  1. Julius Caesar.
  2. Octavius.
  3. Constantine I.
  4. Theodosius I.
Grade 5 Roman Empire
According to legend, who founded Rome?
  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Romulus
  3. Remus
  4. Zeus
  5. Cronus
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Where is the city of Carthage?
  1. On the island of Sicily bordering the Mediterranean sea.
  2. On the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the country of Italy.
  3. In the country of Caanan which is modern day Israel.
  4. On the northern coast of Africa in modern day Tunisia.
Grade 9 Roman Empire
Grade 9 Roman Empire
The ambitious leader who brought order to Rome was
  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Augustus
  3. Mark Antony
  4. Cleopatra
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Rome was founded by twins. What were their names?
  1. Romulus and Remus
  2. Cininnatus and Horatius
  3. Washington and Lee
  4. Tarquinius and Brutus