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Created: May 13, 2017
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6th SS Final Exam-Rome 2

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Select the letter of the answer that best completes the sentence or answers the question.
Grade 9 Roman Empire
An official who was like a king was a
  1. legion
  2. senator
  3. consul
  4. patrician
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Why did a group of Senators murder Julius Caesar?
  1. because he was unpopular
  2. to destroy the Republic and restore a monarchy
  3. they were afraid of him
  4. they believed he had too much power
Grade 7 Roman Empire
The last king to rule Rome. He was driven out of power because of his harsh rule.
  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Mark Antony
  3. Octavian Augustus
  4. Tarquin the Proud
Grade 6 Roman Empire
In the Roman Republic, who commanded the army?
  1. Consuls
  2. Senators
  3. Patricians
  4. Plebeians
Grade 7 Roman Empire
Grade 3 Roman Empire
What body of water did the Romans use for trading?
  1. Red Sea
  2. Mediterranean Sea
  3. Atlantic Ocean
  4. Aegean Sea
Grade 10 Roman Empire
The Romans displayed their engineering skills by                                             .
  1. Learning how to use concrete in architecture
  2. Building a dozen aqueducts in Rome
  3. Building an extensive network of roads
  4. All of the above
Grade 10 Roman Empire
Grade 7 Roman Empire
What religion did the Roman Empire help spread?
  1. Islam
  2. Judiasm
  3. Christianity
  4. Paganism
Grade 6 Roman Empire
The Pax Romana was known as                 .
  1. Roman principles
  2. Roman people
  3. Roman peace
  4. Roman prices
Grade 5 Roman Empire
Who was the last Roman emperor?
  1. Diocletian
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Constantine
  4. Romulus
Grade 9 Roman Empire
What was the place where people watched horses race?
  1. Circus
  2. Circus Horses
  3. Circus Max
  4. Circus Maximus