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WheelbarrowIntroduction: The concept of power can be seen everyday in our lives with automobiles. In automobiles, we use a rating known as "horsepower" to refer to how much power is delivered by the engine of the automobile. This concept of horsepower is fundamentally rooted in the equation below for power, which relates to the amount of work delivered by something:

P=W/t, where P=power, W=work, and t=time

Based on the equation for power above, it is clear that power can be defined as the amount of work delivered by something over time. The standard metric unit of power is known as the Watt. In the case of horsepower with an automobile engine, 1 horsepower is approximately equivalent to 750 watts. The equation for power can involve force and distance. That is, since the equation for power involves work, we can further extend the equation to be rewritten as follows, so that it involves force and distance:

P=W/t=Fd/t, where P=power, W=work, t=time, F=force, and d=distance

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