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Introduction to Fractions

Introduction to Fractions

Six friends are sharing a pizza. They want to share the pizza equally. So, they cut the pizza into six slices that are each the same size. Now, each friend can eat one slice of pizza. Everyone is happy because each person gets an equal amount of pizza!

The friends divided one whole pizza into six equal parts. Each person then ate one of those equal parts. Each person ate a fraction of the pizza. 

A fraction is a part of a whole. 

In math, we write fractions using a line called a fraction bar. The number on the top of the bar shows the number of parts. It is called the numerator. The number under the bar shows how many parts the whole has been divided into. It is called the denominator.

[math]"Part"/"Whole" = "Numerator"/"Denominator"[/math]

What fraction of the pizza did each friend eat?
The pizza was cut into six slices. Six is the "whole" or denominator of the fraction. It goes below the fraction bar. Each person ate one slice. One is the "part" or numerator of the fraction. It goes above the fraction bar. So, each person ate [math]1/6[/math] of the pizza! This can be shown as a model:

Circle 1/6 [math]= 1/6[/math]

Now, try the practice questions to see what you know about fractions.  


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