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The Endocrine System

The Endocrine System

Introduction: The endocrine system (along with the nervous system) is responsible for maintaining a stable internal environment in an organism. The endocrine system consists of a variety of glands that secrete chemicals known as hormones into the blood so they can be transported to target organs and create the desired response. For example, the pancreas is an organ often associated with the digestive system, but is also is responsible for maintaining blood sugar levels. It secretes a hormone called insulin that is used by the body to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Most glands are regulated by a part of the brain called the pituitary.

The diagram shows the location of the organs and glands associated with the endocrine system.
Endocrine System

Directions for this Lesson: Answer the practice questions and then watch the video to learn more about how the endocrine system regulates bodily functions.

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