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What is a Natural Hazard?

What is a Natural Hazard?

Introduction: Have you ever been in a bad storm? Maybe the power went out. Maybe there was damage to your home. Did you know about the storm before it started? Hopefully you were able to prepare for it ahead of time. Storms can be very scary and dangerous. Storms like thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes are natural hazards. We cannot stop storms. We can understand the patterns of where and when different types of storms happen. We can construct buildings designed to withstand storm damage. We can prepare for storms before they happen.

Natural hazards are Earth events that may harm humans. Most natural hazards are linked to weather or Earth events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Examples of natural hazards are shown below:

Examples of Natural Hazards
EarthquakesTsunamisVolcanic EruptionsSevere Weather

Thinking about natural hazards can be scary. Natural hazards have happened throughout Earth's history. We cannot stop natural hazards.  But, we can take actions that can lower the chances that they will harm us. 
Directions for This Lesson: In this lesson, you will learn about natural hazards. First, try the practice questions to see what you already know. Then, watch the video lesson and try the activity.


Required Video:

What should you do to help prevent natural disasters? Try this game to find out! 
Start by selecting Level 1: Wildfire.