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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Fall - AppleIntroduction: Think of your favorite fruit. Fruits come from nature. Fruits grow on plants that need soil, water, and sunlight. Fruits, the plants they grown on, soil, water, and even sunlight are all natural resources

A natural resource is anything that occurs in the natural environment that people use. 

We need some natural resources to survive. Humans need clean water and air to live. Other natural resources are useful, but not needed for survival. We use fossil fuels, like coal and oil, for energy, but people survived for a long time without using fossil fuels. 

Some natural resources are ready for us to use. We can pick an apple off a tree and eat it. Other resources must be changed to make them useful. A wooden table starts as a tree. The tree must be cut down and turned into lumber before a table can be made from it. Can you think of some natural resources you use each day?

Directions for This Lesson: In this lesson, you will learn about natural resources. First, try the practice questions to see what you already know. Then, watch the video lesson.


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