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Rhythm in Poetry

Rhythm in Poetry

If you've ever read a book by Dr. Seuss, you've probably heard a distinctive rhythm.

For example, the words THE CAT IN THE HAT sound like daDUMdadaDUM. They sound that way because they contain an iamb and anapest.

An iamb and an ana-what?

Iambs and anapests are two types of feet used as part of the rhythm in a poem. They help make up a poem's meter.

Dr. Seuss's rhymes have a distinct sound because they all follow a specific meter or rhythm. That rhythm adds a lot to the texts. Don't agree? Try reading a book like Green Eggs and Ham in a different rhythm.

I do NOT like GREEN eggs AND ham sounds a lot different than i DO not LIKE green EGGS and HAM.

The video below will help you learn more about rhythm, including the different types of rhythm that appear in poems.

Required Video:

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