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Introduction to Biogeology

Introduction to Biogeology

Can you find an example of life and land interacting in the picture?
Earthworms live in soil. The soil protects the worms from light and helps keep them moist. They eat things found in the soil like decaying plants. As earthworms move through the ground they leave waste that make the soil richer. They loosen the ground, which makes it better for water and air to move through. Earthworms change soil and soil gives earthworms the food and protection needed to survive!
Biogeology is the study of the interactions of life with the Earth.
Plants and animals need the Earth's resources to live and grow. They need the Earth's air, water, and land for shelter, protection, and nutrients. Life changes the Earth as it interacts with the environment. As the Earth changes, life adapts to those changes as well.

Directions for This Lesson: First, try the practice questions. Then, watch the video lesson.


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