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Fish Vocabulary Words

Fish Vocabulary Words

Animal - X-Ray FishSharks. Rays. Perch. These are only a few of the thousands of types of fish! Fish spend their lives underwater. Even though they live underwater, they still need oxygen to survive. To get oxygen, they use gills. Gills are special organs that help remove the oxygen from the water so fish can breathe. Fish use fins for balance and moving through the water. Most bodies of fish, but not all, are covered in scales. Fish are cold-blooded. Like mammals and reptiles, fish have backbones.

You can find fish in oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, almost anywhere there is enough water to swim in! Some fish live in saltwater. Some live in freshwater. Some even live in places where fresh and saltwater mix. There are fish that live near the water's surface. And, there are fish that live in the cold and dark of the water's bottom. Fish are amazing animals!

Watch the video to learn some fish vocabulary words.

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