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Polynomials 01: Introduction

Polynomials 01: Introduction

Polynomials are a expressions with multiple terms. A term can be a number, a variable, or a number(coefficient) and variable which are multiplied. Examples of a term would be [math]2x, 3y^2,-4r,13,x,z^2[/math]. Terms in a polynomial are separated by addition or subtraction.
Monomials have 1 term ([math]x,3y,8z^2,2[/math])
Binomials have 2 terms ([math]x+4y,3y-z,8z^2+x,y^2-2[/math])
Trinomials have 3 terms ([math]x+4y-2z,y^2-3y+2,8z^2+3y-x,t^5-3t^3+2[/math])
Polynomials have 2 or more terms ([math]x+4y-2z +y^2-3y+2-8z^2,3y-x+t^5-3t^3+2[/math])

Directions for this Lesson:
Watch the video below and complete the practice questions.

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