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Graphing Points in the First Quadrant

Graphing Points in the First Quadrant

Graph 10X10 Quadrant 1 Blank Introduction: Have you have ever played the game Battleship? If so, you already have a good understanding of how to plot points on a coordinate plane! A coordinate plane is two perpendicular number lines used to graph pairs of numbers. The lines intersect at each line's zero, called the origin. Each line is an axis. 
  • x-axis: horizontal (left-to-right) number line
  • y-axis: vertical (up-and-down) number line

You need two numbers to locate a point on a coordinate plane. These two numbers are called a coordinate pair. A coordinate pair is written as two numbers inside of parentheses. The first number is the x-coordinate. The x-coordinate tells the distance to travel on the x-axis from the origin. The second number is the y-coordinate. The y-coordinate tells the distance to travel on the y-axis from the origin.
  • [math](5, 8)[/math]: [math]5[/math] = x-coordinate, [math]8[/math] = y-coordinate


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