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Construction - Designing Stairs

Construction - Designing Stairs

Many buildings require stairs so knowing how to design and build them is an important part of construction. Improperly designed stairs can be a significant safety hazard so it is critical that we design them with comfortable, consistent spacing.
Stairs can be made of a wide range of materials and need to fit a wide range of applications. This is not a lesson on actually constructing stairs but rather it lays the foundation of how to create the basic design of stairs that can be adapted to all materials and applications.

The main parts of any stairs are the tread and the riser.
The tread is the horizontal component that is stepped on.
The riser is the vertical component that sets the height of each step.

Directions for This Lesson:
Watch the video below to learn more and then try to answer the Practice Questions.

Required Video:

Extend your learning with these practice questions and then complete the worksheet.

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