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Separating Mixtures

Separating Mixtures

Lab Tool - Filter FunnelsIntroduction: Crude oil, or petroleum, is a mixture of different substances used to make gasoline and fuel. To separate the substances contained in crude oil from one another, these mixtures are brought to refineries. At refineries, the different boiling points of the substances are used to separate them through a process known as distillation, since the substances will evaporate at different times. Distillation is one of many methods used to separate mixtures from one another, which is based on the property of boiling point.

Aside from distillation, filtration and chromatography can also be used to separate substances from mixtures. Filtration is a procedure used to separate small and soluble particles from large and insoluble particles, such as in the case of separating out coffee grounds from hot water. Chromatography is a procedure used to separate water-soluble and polar dyes from water-insoluble and nonpolar dyes, as in the case of separating out components of an ink mixture from one another.

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