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Football is one of the most popular sports in America.
The game is played between two teams of eleven players on each side.  The side which has the football is called the offense.  It is their job to take the football and put it across the goal line to score a touchdown or kick a field goal.
If a team scores a touchdown, they get six points and a chance to get one or two more points.  If the team kicks the ball through the goalposts, the team gets three points.  Whenever a team scores, it must then give the ball to the other team.
Everyone on the team has a job.  A receiver is a player on the offense who catches a pass thrown from the quarterback.  The quarterback directs the team’s offense.  He decides to throw the ball, give it to a runner, or run with the ball himself.
The other team is called the defense.  They try to keep the other team from scoring.  The defense wants to get the ball from the offense, so they can try to score.  The defense tries to tackle to the ground the player who has the ball.
Like in any game, the players must follow the rules.  If anyone breaks a rule, they are given a penalty.  Football is a rough sport, so all players must wear a special hat called a football helmet to protect their heads.

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