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The Object of Baseball

The Object of Baseball

In baseball, one team tries to score more runs than the other team.  Teams score runs when their players hit the ball from home plate and run around the bases and back to home without making an out.  The teams take turns hitting and playing in the field.

The player who tries to hit the ball is the batter.  The player on the team in the field who throws the ball toward the batter is called the pitcher.  If the batter can hit the ball and get to first base before the other team fields the ball and throws it to first base, the batter is safe.

If the batter hits the ball far enough, he may safely run all the way to second or third base, and maybe even home.  But he could get tagged out by the other team if he is off a base.
If the batter can hit the ball beyond the outfield fence, that’s a home run.  The batter can safely run around each base and back to home again without fear of making an out. 

When three players on one team each make an out, the other team gets a chance to hit.  The first team goes out into the field to try to get the other team’s players out.  When both teams have had a turn at hitting, that’s called an inning.  The teams go back and forth for nine innings and whichever team has the most runs after the ninth inning wins.

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