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Gymnastics (Grade 3)

Gymnastics (Grade 3)

The sport of gymnastics is a lot of fun!  You probably don’t know it, but whenever you do jumping, cartwheels, and somersaults on the playground or in your backyard, you are doing gymnastics.

People who do gymnastics are called gymnasts.  Really good gymnasts compete in the Summer Olympics

Gymnasts do all sorts of moves. 

A somersault is when your body forms a ball and rolls forward or backward. 

A handstand is putting your hands on the ground with your body and legs upright in the air. 

A backflip is when you lean backward and toss your feet in the air over your head to land on them again.

Often, gymnasts do gymnastics on special equipment such as rings and bars.  This equipment is called apparatus

Gymnasts sometimes jump on a trampoline.  The gymnast’s floor exercise is done with a special soft mat.  Gymnasts use the bars to swing themselves in the air like they are flying.  Gymnasts also walk, leap, and do handstands on a narrow balance beam without falling off.

Some kids go to a gym to do gymnastics with other kids and a teacher.  Sometimes you will do gymnastics in your gym class at school.

So the next time you are playing outside, try some gymnastics.