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Tennis is a fun game!

In tennis, you and the person you are playing against hit a ball back and forth over a net.  You use a racquet to hit the ball.  Hitting the ball back-and-forth between you and the other player is called a volley.

You can win a point if the person you are playing hits the ball into the net instead of over it.  You can also win a point if the other player hits the ball off the court
The court is where the game is played.  You stand on one side of the court and the other person stands on the other side.  White painted lines make up the boundaries of the court.  The court is a rectangle.

The net is stretched across the middle of the court.  It separates your side from the other player’s side.  The net is about as high as your shoulders.

The first ball hit over the net to start a volley is called a serve.  If you hit the other players’ serve that’s called a return.

The first player to get to four points, with a lead of 2 points, wins the game.

Have fun the next time you play tennis!

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