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Eight-ball Pool

Eight-ball Pool

Pool is a game played worldwide by millions.  While there are many different varieties of the game, by far the most popular form is “eight-ball”.

Eight-ball is played with cue sticks and 16 balls including a cue ball.  The cue ball is used by players to hit the other balls. The object of eight-ball is to sink all your balls (either stripes or solids) and then sink the 8-ball to win the game.

Equipment required includes:
▪ a white cue ball, seven striped balls, seven solid color balls, and one black 8-ball
▪ a cue stick used for striking the cue ball
 ▪ a felt-covered table measuring 9 by 4.5 ft. with six pockets bordered by padded cushions

Eight-ball pool is won when one of the following occurs:
▪ a player sinks all his/her designated balls and then sinks the 8-ball into the indicated pocket
▪ the opposing player accidentally sinks the 8-ball before clearing his/her own set of balls
▪ the opposing player accidentally knocks the 8-ball off the table

Before the game begins, all the balls (except the cue ball) are randomly placed in a triangular rack and at one end of the table.  The 8-ball is placed in the middle of the triangle, and the cue ball is placed at the other end of the table.

A coin toss determines who gets to make the break.  For a legal break, at least four balls must hit cushions and the cue ball doesn’t go down a pocket.

The first player to sink a stripe or solid ball must then continue to sink balls from that group. The other player must only sink balls in the other group.  A player gets to keep shooting until he/she fouls or fails to sink a ball. Then the opposing player gets a turn.

If a player commits a foul, the opposing player may place the cue ball anywhere on the table. Fouls include:
▪ hitting the cue ball off the table
▪ sinking one of the other player’s balls
▪ hitting the cue ball twice

Once a player sinks his/her balls, he/she must then sink the 8-ball.  The player must declare which pocket he/she intends to put the 8-ball in before shooting.  Failure to do so results in the other player getting a turn. If the player sinks the 8-ball in any pocket other than the one predicted, he/she loses the game.

Pool is a fun game that can be played by all regardless of athletic ability.  It does require a high degree of skill and concentration.

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