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Bowling is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The object of the sport is simple.  Just roll a bowling ball down a lane and knock over as many pins as you can.  The person with the most pins knocked over at the end of the game wins.

For kids, bowling balls weigh about 6 to 10 pounds depending on your age.  The ball is made of hard artificial rubber.  It has three finger holes so you can easily grip it.

Bowling is played inside a building called an “alley”.  A bowling alley has many bowling lanes.  A “lane” is a long, polished wooden floor 60 feet long.  Each side of the lane has a “gutter” into which your ball will fall if you don’t bowl it straight toward the pins.  If your ball goes in the gutter, you won’t knock any pins down.  Some bowling alleys have bumpers on their lanes to prevent balls thrown by little kids from going in the gutters. To keep from slipping when you roll the ball, you must wear special bowling shoes.

At the other end of the lane stand ten wooden pins.  They are arranged in a triangle shape with a corner of the triangle facing you. What’s really cool is that at the beginning of each frame, a machine clears the pins that were knocked down by the person who bowled before you and automatically sets up the pins for your turn! 

Games are made up of ten “frames”.  In each frame, you get two chances to roll the ball toward the pins.  On the first try, all ten pins are standing.  On the second try of that frame, only the pins you haven’t knocked down are standing.

If you knock down all ten pins with your first roll in a frame, that’s called a “strike”.  If there are any pins still standing after your first try, you can knock them down on your second try.  If you knock them all down on your second try, that’s called a “spare”.

In the last frame, if you knock down all the pins on your first and second tries, you get a bonus third roll to knock down a few extra pins and add to your final score.
Many alleys have bowling leagues where you can play on teams with kids your own age.
Bowling is a blast!  Why not try it?

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