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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: Percents
Level: Grade 7
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Author: thelight139
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Grade 7 Percents

Mike makes $2,450.00 in a month and designates these percentages for each category of his budget. Change the percent to a decimal and calculate how much he will spend on each. (To change the percent to a decimal divide by 100.)
Category Percent as a decimal Amount Spent
A. Housing: 28%       .28                 $686.00          

B. Food: 23%       .23                 $563.50          

C. Cars: 20%       .20              $490       

D. Clothes: 15%       .15                 $367.50          

E. Insurance: 7%       .07                 $171.50          

F. Savings: 5%       .05                 $122.50          

G. Misc: 2%       .02                $49.00         
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