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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: English as a Second Language ESL
Level: College
Tags: Verb tense
Author: JillWigert
Created: 4 years ago

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English as a Second Language ESL Question

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College English as a Second Language ESL

In these jokes, complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verb: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, or Past Continuous.

e.g. Yesterday I                 (watch) football on TV.
Yesterday I watched football on TV.

Last week Mr. Benton (1)       had       (have) a very bad backache, so he (2)          called          (call) the doctor to make an appointment.
"How (3)                 did it happen                ?" asked the receptionist.
"Well, I (4)               was walking               (walk) to work and I (5)           slipped           (slip) and (6)             fell over             (fall over)."
"OK, you can see the doctor on July 5th at ten o'clock."
"But that's in three weeks!" (7)        said        (say) Mr. Benton. "In three weeks time I might die!"
The receptionist (8)           thought           (think) for a moment. "OK, if you       die       (die), could you ask your wife to call us so we can cancel the appointment?"

A man (10)                was visiting                (visit) the city of York, and he (11)         asked         (ask) a young boy, "What's the fastest way to the station?"
"(12)                   Are you walking                   (you/walk) or (13)                   are you driving                   (you/drive)?"
"I (14)              am driving              (drive)."
"Good. That's the fastest way."
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