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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Linear Equations
Level: Grade 9
Standards: HSA-REI.A.1
Author: nsharp1
Created: 7 months ago

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Linear Equations Question

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Grade 9 Linear Equations CCSS: HSA-REI.A.1

A solution to the equation is given, except for one step. Choose the correct action for the missing step.

[math]3x+5 = x-1[/math]

Step 1:[math] \ \ \ [/math][math] \ \ \ [/math]
Step 2:[math] 3x [/math][math]= \ \ x- 6[/math]
Step 3:[math]3x-x[/math][math]= \ \ x-6-x [/math]
Step 4:[math]2x[/math][math]= \ \ -6 [/math]
Step 5:[math](2x)/2[/math][math]= \ \ (-6)/2 [/math]
Step 6:[math]x[/math][math]= \ \ -3 [/math]
  1. Subtract 6 from the right hand side.
  2. Remove 5 from the left hand side.
  3. Add 5 to both sides.
  4. Subtract 5 from both sides.
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